WCIB Aluminum Mobility Cane

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Our aluminum canes are made by WCIB (White Cane Instruments for the Blind), a small American manufacturer that has been providing the gold standard in folding mobility canes for over 30 years.

All our WCIB canes are four-segment folding canes. The cane segments are made from lightweight tempered aircraft aluminum, with precision fitting joints to minimize wobbling and sticking. Each cane features two stretch cords made from durable nylon for redundancy in case one cord breaks. All canes have a putter grip and high quality white and red reflective tape. WCIB canes come with a standard straight nylon tip. We also have other compatible tips, sold separately on our website.

WCIB has has a generous repair policy! To send your cane in for repair, enclose a $9.00 check or money order with your cane, a clear and legible return address, and a daytime phone number. Then send it to:

22080 Farm Road 2080
Jenkins, MO 65605

Please note: SightConnection strongly recommends receiving training from a certified mobility specialist before using a mobility cane. Using a cane without training can be more dangerous than not using one at all! Most areas in the United States and Canada have local government or not-for-profit agencies that provide this training, and we are more than happy to help you locate information for those services. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail.