Petite Ultrasuede Eye Patch

Pick a Color and Strap Size 




For an eye patch in this size that fits better underneath glasses, try our extremely popular Petite Soft Curve Ultrasuede Eye Patch.

This premium eye patch, a smaller version of our Adult Ultrasuede Eye Patch, is perfect for kids, smaller adults, or for those who simply prefer a smaller eye covering.

The patch is made of comfortable, hand washable Ultrasuede, with an adjustable velcro band that allows for personalized comfort. On the Loops and Drops varieties, the front panel is a cotten fabric while the back panel, framing and strap are all soft ultrasuede.

This patch is available in several great colors and patterns! The patch measures 2 3/4" wide x 2" high.

Notes on sizing: The small patch is the most common size for kids, the medium for young adults, and the large will fit most adults comfortably. All sizes are adjustable via the velcro fastener. For more specific sizing, add one inch to your head circumference. The size of the eye covering itself remains the same across all sizes. Only the strap length changes.

**Please note: this item is not returnable if opened.**