LCR - Left Center Right Card Game in Braille



This card game is a fun and accessible choice for players of all ages and vision levels! All playing cards are Brailled and have unique cut corners (left cut, right cut, 2 corners cut or no corners cut) for easy and accurate card reading and orientation by touch.) For 3 or more players Players flip over cards (which are marked Left, Right, Center or Safe) and pass chips accordingly to the player to their left (L) or right (R), put them in the center pot (C) or keep them (S). The last player with chips is the winner and takes the center pot. Includes a double deck (110 cards) and 24 blue chips.
Cards Measure: 3.5" x 2.5"
Product Box Measurements: 5.5" Long x 4" Wide
Product Weight: 6.7 oz.