Large "Pilot" Photochromic Cocoons - Gray



Fits over prescription frames measuring less than:
138 mm in width by 48 mm in height or
5 7/16 inches in width by 1 7/8 inches

Click here to figure out what size you need! Now our hot selling Cocoon sunglasses have a photochromic option! What does photochromic mean? Photochromic lenses automatically adjust their level of tint to adjust for different lighting conditions. If you're in a low light situation, the lenses will transmit 30-32% of visible light. In bright sunlight, the lenses will transmit 10-12% of visible light. This means not having to change from one pair of sunglasses to another as lighting conditions around you change. These are an especially good option for those with light sensitivity. All Cocoon sunglasses feature UV protection, and protect your eyes from all sides, instead of just the front. The frames are a hardy ballistic nylon with a soft touch, comfort finish. The arms are designed to be adjustable for various face sizes. All Cocoon sunglasses come with a protective case and cleaning cloth! Like all other Cocoons, these glasses are designed to fit over your prescription eyeglasses. See the link above for sizing information.