Eschenbach Smartlux Digital II Portable Magnifier


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This great digital magnifier (also known as a portable CCTV or portable reading machine) from Eschenbach boasts a host of great features.

New features!

  • New battery provides greater stability.

  • New reset button

  • New SMD LEDs provide a brighter screen.

  • New lug for lanyard.

Classic Smartlux features
  • A non-reflective, hard coated 5" LCD screen.

  • Ability to switch between different contrast modes: Vibrant full color, high contrast black on white, high contrast white on black, high contrast black on yellow, or high contrast yellow on black.

  • Magnifies at 5x, 7x, 9x and 12x.

  • Three different screen brightness levels.

  • LCD screen and integrated Eschenbach optics ensures that is no "smearing" or distortion so that the image remains sharp even when the display is moved.

  • Freeze frame function with ability to store up to 20 images for later viewing.

  • The large, user-friendly switches differ in color and feel, enabling the magnifier to be operated via both sight and touch.

  • Its stand may be placed in a fully extended position, making it ideal for reading or in a half-extended position, which is ideal for writing.

  • Weighs just 7 oz.

Included in Package:
  • Hard foam case.

  • Charger with adapters for use worldwide.

  • Cleaning cloth.