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MicroVision reading glasses are designed in a unique style to meet fashion needs as well as functionality requirements. These lightweight glasses are made of durable quality materials [including optical-quality lenses] that hold up to everyday usage and have a distinctive feature that most readers don’t.

Unlike most reading glasses, MicroVision readers fold down to a compact size, and yet when unfolded, they become full size reading glasses whose functional purpose is to relieve eye strain when performing near tasks. The fact that they are manufactured with distinctive ‘telescoping’ temples enables them to easily fold down for compact storage.

MicroVision reading glasses include spring hinges that serve two purposes: first this feature provides added comfort for those who need to wear glasses for long periods of time; second, the spring hinges allow the glasses to fit securely and comfortably on many different shaped and sized heads.

The included case is very attractive, functional, and magnetized. It opens like the cigarette lighter of yesteryear – i.e., the thumb can flip the top up and down easily without any complicated locks, straps or snaps to get in the way. The case is rubberized and crush-proof so it protects the lenses and glasses when not in use. It’s not much bigger than a lipstick case and smaller than a deck of cards, so it fits easily in any pocket or purse.

Use MicroVision reading glasses for any close-up reading task and enjoy its fashionable, compact folding design and functional quality features.
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