Bold Digital Atomic Clock



This bold-numbered atomic digital clock does it all! It displays the current time (exact to within one second) in 1.75" bold numbers, indoor temperature, outdoor temperature, day of the week, and month/day in 0.75" numbers. Uses a wireless sensor for the outdoor temperature (included). This digital clock is also atomic, so it resets itself if it ever gets off and and automatically adjusts for daylight savings time. Time can be set to 12 hour or 24 hour (military) time. This atomic digital clock also features an alarm with snooze. You can hang this handy bold number clock on the wall, or use the attached stand to set it on a table or desk. Clock requires two AA batteries (not included), and the wireless sensor requires two AAA batteries (not included). Battery life for clock is up to 24 months; battery life for sensor is up to 12 months. There is a low battery indicator on both items.