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Hand Held and Pocket Magnifiers

Hand-held magnifiers are small and portable. They are useful in many different situations but do require that the user be able to hold the magnifier steady.

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3X Rectangular Magnifier
3X magnification, with light (Bestseller)
Price: $14.95
Eschenbach Mobilux 4X (16 Diopter) Rectangular Magnifier
The only 4X rectangular magnifier we've found!!
Price: $198.20
Optelec PowerSlider 2X Pocket Magnifier
Price: $40.00
2.5X PowerMag+ Hand Held Magnifier
2.5X magnification with light.
Price: $54.50
3X PowerMag Hand Held Magnifier
Bright light and 3X magnification.
Price: $54.50
Powermag 4X (16 Diopter) Handheld Magnifier
Price: $54.50
Powermag 5X (20 Diopter) Handheld Magnifier
Price: $54.50
Powermag 6X (24 Diopter) Handheld Magnifier
Price: $54.50
German-optics Magno 10D Illuminated Magnifier
Price: $45.95
Coil 3X Non Illuminated Hand Magnifier
Reduces Distortion
Price: $62.50
Donegan 2X Magnifier
2X magnification
Price: $47.50
Selsi Pocket Magnifier (2.5X)
Fits in your pocket
Price: $5.25
Donegan 3X Hand Magnifier
3X magnification
Price: $8.50
Donegan 4X (+16D) Pocket Magnifier
Price: $8.50
4X Microlux Compact Monocular
A handy telescope.
Price: $194.80
6 x 16 Binoculars
Compact and lightweight!
Price: $64.95
4 x 12 Monocular
4x handheld monocular telescope
Price: $50.00
6 x 16 Monocular
Handheld 6x monocular telescope
Price: $50.00
Blue Velvet Pouch
Great for gifts!
Price: $1.95
Selsi 2X Handheld Magnifier
2X magnification
Price: $1.25
UltraOptix Frameless LED Magnifier
No frame!
Price: $21.95
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Hand Held and Pocket Magnifiers